The Best Beer Lovers Gifts
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"Who Else Wants NEW Beer Lovers Gifts?  Beer Bottle Wicks Are Great Beer Gift Ideas That Turn Beer Bottles Into Fun Beer Bottle Oil Lamps!

Do Not Burn Beer BottleWicks In Cardboard Containers - Demonstration Purpose Only

If you're looking for Fun beer lovers gifts, check out Beer BottleWicks. Your friends and relatives who are beer lovers can turn their favorite beer bottles into fun beer bottle oil lamps.  Plus, folks will surely smile at these new beer gift ideas that they can use for years.

Beer BottleWicks - Fun New Gifts for Beer Lovers 

  • Can Be Used In Almost Every Beer Bottle
      (Plus Put Those Bottles To Good Use) 
  • Made Of High Quality Ceramic 
  • Uses Fiberglass Wicks That Last Forever 
  • Saves Money On Candles That You Throw Out! 

      Get FREE Shipping While It Lasts! 
  Long Lasting
Once you fill up the bottles with liquid lamp oil they last 10 times longer than most candles


You can use Beer BottleWicks over and over again. You just need to refill your beer bottle lamp with lamp oil


Fun & Unique 
Use them yourself or give them as presents, they are something friends and relatives will remember


Save The Environment
Millions of bottles are thrown in the trash everyday . . . Now you can use them as beer bottle lamps


Cool Beer Stuff Gifts
Give your friends or relatives a Fun 6 Pack and include Beer BottleWicks. They'll remember you every time they light their beer bottle oil lamps

beer bottle wick guarantee

Get A 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee!  If for any reason you don't like them.  Send Them Back!  We'll return your full purchase price.  

 3 Pack Internet Special

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The secret of  Beer Bottlewicks is the ceramic wick holder. These were specially designed for us made of a tapered high temperature ceramic by a leading manufacturing company.   The taper makes them fit snuggly with the wick running through the center of the holder to make your beer bottle lamps.

We only use Fiberglass wicks that last forever.   In fact, if you ever need replacements wicks all you have to do is call us and we'll send you FREE replacements.  No charge

As you can see, these are truly fun, new gifts for beer lovers that you, your friends or your relatives will have for years.

Here's Some Great News!
You Can Buy These Beer Lovers Gifts Direct From The Manufacturer! 
That's right, we are the manufacturer of Beer BottleWicks. No Middle Men or Women. We only sell thru our website and you can purchase at our special discount pricing.  They are terrific gifts for beer lovers.  Plus we have Free Shipping while it lasts.  Order Today!

What fun you can have giving your friends and relatives their favorite beer along with Beer BottleWicks to have a lasting memory. What fun beer related gifts for Cabins, Cottages, Beach Houses or Your Home.

gifts for beer lovers pict left

000 beer gift 6 pack pict right

Bottles, Carton and Display Not Included. Please Do Not Light Beer BottleWicks As Shown In Picture. Pictures are for display purposes only.
Please read Disclaimer


 3 Pack Internet Special

 Regular Retail $23.97 
3 for $14.97

We Pay For Shipping & Handling

Have your credit card handy and click the orange "Add To Cart" button below to receive your 3 Beer Bottle Wicks Only $14.97 with
FREE Shipping
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Our 100% Guarantee
For 1 Year!

beer bottle wick guarantee
Are we crazy or what?  If you're not happy with Beer BottleWicks for 365 days , you can return them for a full refund.  We know when you've purchased these beer lovers gifts for someone, we want you and the person receiving the beer gifts to be thoroughly happy.  So, please don't hesitate to return the Beer  BottleWicks and we'll refund your purchase price less shipping if you aren't thoroughly satisfied.
This is a full 365 Day Guarantee. 
Return the unused Beer BottleWicks and we'll refund your money!  It's that simple.  No Questions asked.  

Take a look below. How FUN is That! If you had a cabin or lodge that you truly wanted to give visitors a gift to remember, Why Not buy them their favorite Beer and give them a 6 Pack of BottleWicks to take with to remember your time together and their beer bottle lamps. These truly are fun gifts for beer lovers.

Order Your Beer BottleWicks Today!  You won't be disappointed with these beer lovers gifts.  We guarantee you'll have fun using or giving gifts for beer lovers to your friends or relatives.  It's something people will remember as one of the best beer gift ideas.

beer lamps pict  Get Some Today!  You'll have Great FUN!

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